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Session 3, 16 August 2015

Our heroes decided to split the party along gender lines, with the sorceress Naivara Gemflower and Giana the Bard investigating the environs while Solair, Barik, and Mortem battled the guild’s lingering defenders. First, the three swiftly dealt with the faded sendings in the kitchen, and in the cupboards there discovered a strongbox containing a strange powder, and a note in a language none of them could read. Mortem immediately ingested some of the powder, falling into a strange intoxicated state and being annoying and high. Barik and Solair left him in the kitchen while they investigated the mess hall, where they found a strange amulet that turned its wearer to stone. Mortem wandered out of the kitchen and into the halls of the guild, but he stumbled across Barik, who stopped trying to turn Solair to stone and chased after him. The three came into the ruined library, where Barik caught Mortem with the necklace and he and Solair found a strange black crystal on the burned body of a librarian. From there, they proceeded into the tower, where two suits of plate mail stepped down from their plinths and challenged them. They defeated one of them in combat (mostly because it kept rolling like shit on its attacks) and Solair cleverly deactivated the other by turning its pass phrase back on it and learning the correct response. The guardians defeated, the four were able to access the secret central part of the tower, and the stairs to a strange room, with a strange device of four colors. Depending on which color was pressed, a different door appeared on the walls, and the three heroes discovered a library full of arcane and unreadable books, and what seemed to be a workshop, where they found several artifacts of potential use and power. That left two buttons unpressed, and our heroes congregated in the central room to consider their options.

Meanwhile, Naivara and Giana, both elves and therefore clever and quick on their feet, explored the surrounding area for clues as to what might have happened. They found no trace of fire outside of the mages’ headquarters, but everywhere they sensed a strange and ancient magic. They had both assumed, at first, that it was simply residual energies from the mages’ who had been working there. However, it seemed older and more powerful than a group of mages, especially human mages, might have been able to comprehend, let alone control. Naivara, attuned to the power of nature, felt it might be coming from underground. The feeling was strongest next to the old well, and when Giana sent a spark of magic light down the well shaft, it continued to be visible, though faint and watery, until it disappeared into the distance. The well shaft was much deeper than they had imagined, and the two were convinced it opened onto some deeper cave – perhaps not the only natural cave in the area. They hastened back to the guild hall, to inform the other, less observant members of the party what they had discovered.


Chalupa Chalupa

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